Fast or standard

What are the benefits of working with fast master mix and will it preserve the original assay performance characteristics?

Recently, fast PCR protocols have been developed to increase assay throughput.

Under current standard cycling conditions, a typical run takes approximately 2 hours, limiting the number of researchers or runs on that instrument to only four per 8-hour day. Running in Fast mode will triple the number of researchers or runs on that same instrument by reducing times from 120 minutes to as little as 40 minutes or even 30 minutes depending on the instrument. 

This enables getting answers faster and process more samples during allotted time, and if anything should go wrong, using fast mode enables repeating a run during scheduled time. 

Thermofisher developed and validated Fast master mixes which enables you to convert from standard to Fast qPCR without reoptimizing the assays. 

Furthermore, if you are working with TaqMan chemistry or SYBR chemistry, TaqMan® Fast Advanced Master Mix and PowerUp™ SYBR™ Green Master Mix have been engineered to retain high level of performance in preassembled reactions for up to 72 hours which enables you to convert from standard to Fast qPCR without having to worry about the stability of master mix affecting the results when processing plates all day. 

Fast reagents can also be a more cost-effective solution than standard cycling reagents for your real-time PCR experiments. For those with budget constraints preventing them from purchasing a new instrument, Fast reagents allow to reduce the bottleneck on instrument and increase its daily throughput capabilities.