Exosomes – the next small thing​

Small Vesicles with Huge Potential

RT-qPCR Analysis of Exosomal miRNAs has become one of the main talks among researchers, thanks to its contribution to unraveling many cell-to-cell communication mechanisms.

Exosomes are small (30–150 nm) vesicles secreted by cells, performing as key regulators in cell-to-cell communication in various conditions. The molecular constituents of exosomes, especially exosomal microRNAs (miRNAs), have become the focus of many studies.
These studies have shown that exosomes can transport mRNA and miRNA between cells and that the transferred RNA is functional in its new location. Being secreted, exosomes occur naturally in body fluids, making plasma and serum exosome miRNA profiling a potential tool in the diagnosis of different diseases, and in the discovery of new Biomarkers.

Check this article where plasma and exosome miRNA expression levels were used as suggested prognostic marker.
Findings like these can be further implemented also in basic research of tumor cells and their interactions with their microenvironment