Regulatory Coordinator

Regulatory Coordinator
Position description:
  • Consultation on safety and regulatory handling of chemicals, including hazardous materials (Dangerous Goods)
  • Responsibility for regulating orders of Dangerous Goods (import licenses, end-user declarations, customers Poison Permits)
  • Establishment and Management of Poison Permit database and DG consumption (Pinkas Realim)
  • Interface in front of Customers and Suppliers – Professional and regulatory support (Chemistry portfolio)
  • Support regulatory affairs between governmental offices and Ministry of Environment.
  • Coordination between internal departments (customer support, sales, purchasing, logistics) – to ensure fast & professional service to customers
  • Safety responsibilities – Membership in Rhenium’s safety committee, renewal of Rhenium Poison Permits, Dangerous Goods clearance
  • Customer Service Duties – Quotations, Post sale support, Backup for support in additional fields (Technical Support).
Position requirements:
  • B.Sc.  in Chemistry or related scientific degree
  • Experience in writing procedures (SOP’s)
  • Experience in managing Poison Permits
  • Fluent in English – spoken & in writing
  • Multitasking capabilities
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